AFP 2023

AFP 2023 is your accelerator for creative thinking and innovative solutions. Explore emerging technologies, agile methodologies and visionary strategies. Rethink your approach in a collaborative environment designed for the exchange of knowledge, views and strategies with the goal of generating creative solutions to the challenges faced by today’s financial professional.

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The private, online community of your peers to discuss challenges and solve your biggest problems.

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AFP Future of Finance

The AFP Future of Finance event in Cairo brings together field pioneers to enhance us with knowledge, keep us informed with market updates and pave the way for a vision of where the future of finance is heading.

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AFP FP&A Series

Introducing the AFP FP&A Series: Keeping Corporate Finance and FP&A professionals informed, relevant, and ahead of the curve. Each half-day virtual event dives deep on one topic and offers practical tips for today and long-term career development for the future.