AFP Momentum Index


AFP Momentum Index: August 2021

The AFP Momentum Index survey was developed by members of the AFP FP&A Advisory Council, finance practitioners representing various industries and companies. It is administered by the Research Department of AFP, and the data is from a survey of independent FP&A practitioners. The Index has a single composite score based on three individual sub-scores that will be tracked over time. The sub-scores are as follows:

  1. Actual Most Recent Quarter (MRQ): how did your ACTUAL RESULTS compare to the most recent forecast? Data is gathered on 10 elements.
  2. Outlook: how has your company's OUTLOOK changed for the subsequent six months? Data is gathered on the same 10 elements.
  3. Risk: what is your company's RISK OUTLOOK for the next six months? Data is gathered across six risk categories.

AFP has launched the Momentum Index, a quarterly survey designed to take the pulse of the business community as seen from the point of view of the FP&A department. The survey was developed by members of the AFP FP&A Advisory Council.

Reading the results: This is a momentum survey, where the resulting number indicates the direction relative to past readings. A positive or increasing composite number indicates business growth; a negative or declining number indicates a diminished economic performance.

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Survey demographics: The survey demographics are one of the unique attributes of the AFP community. For example, the 201 responses received illustrate the diversity of the AFP community in the following ways:

  • Enterprise size: 26% had revenues of more than $1B, 26% had revenues of $100MM-$1B, and 48% had revenues below $100MM.
  • Ownership structure 27% publicly owned, 30% privately held, 32% privately held/private equity, and 11% government/non-profit.
  • Industry: 17 different industries had representation of 2% or more.
  • Seniority: 67% of respondents were directors, managers or analysts; 33% were VPs or CFOs.

Strength of the Indicator: AFP’s vision for the FP&A Indicator is long-term, and we expect its indicative strength will grow over subsequent quarters.

Timing of the survey: Future editions of the FP&A Indicator will be collected and reported on the following schedule:

Survey is "in field"Report is Issued 
February 15 to the end of the monthMarch 15 (or following business day)
May 15 to end of the month June 15 (or following business day)
August 15 to the end of the month September 15 (or following business day)
November 15 to the end of the monthDecember 15 (or following business day)

Participation: If you would like to be included in the FP&A Indicator survey, please email the AFP Research Department at [email protected].