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2023 AFP Compensation Report

The 35th Annual AFP Compensation Report provides detailed job descriptions and salary information for 19 different job titles. The report examines influences on salary and upward mobility, as well as benefits organizations are offering their employees. Also included is salary data for virtual organizations and insights on talent acquisition and DEI policies.

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2023 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey

Underwritten by J.P. Morgan
The 2023 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey provides insights into occurrences of payments fraud from 471 treasury practitioners. The survey examines payment fraud trends, the impact on organizations, sources of fraud and effectiveness of controls.


2022 AFP FP&A Survey: Measuring Agility in FP&A

Underwritten by Workday
The 2022 AFP® FP&A Survey: Measuring Agility in FP&A addresses the importance of proactive and flexible responses by FP&A teams when facing complex disruptions in the global economy. Survey results indicate that building agility into decision-making and forecasting has clear benefits.  

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2022 AFP Digital Payments Survey

Underwritten by J.P. Morgan
The 2022 AFP Digital Payments Survey conducted in June 2022 examines the extent to which digital payment methods are being adopted at organizations. The survey includes responses from practitioners around the globe and compares trends across regions. The survey is conducted once every three years. 

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2022 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey

Supported by Marsh McLennan
The 2022 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey conducted in May 2022 examines how treasury’s role has  evolved and the responsibilities they have assumed. 

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2022 AFP Liquidity Survey

Underwritten by Invesco
AFP’s Annual Liquidity Survey examines current and emerging trends in organizations’ cash and short-term investment holdings, investment policies and strategies. Nearly 300 treasury and finance professionals participated in this survey, now in its 17th year.  


2022 AFP Payments Cost Benchmarking Survey

Underwritten by Corpay
The Payments Cost Benchmarking Survey provides treasury and finance professionals with a tool to gain detailed information regarding costs of various payment methods. The survey also examines payment trends at organizations. The report is based on responses from 350 professionals.


2022 AFP FP&A Benchmarking: Practitioner Planning Report

Underwritten by Workday
The 2022 AFP FP&A Benchmarking: Practitioner Planning Report allows companies to compare their 2022 assumptions in areas related to pandemic response, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and other areas against those shared by their peers. 


2021 AFP Risk Survey

Supported by Marsh McLennan
The 2021 Risk Survey gauges current perceptions of the risk environment and determines the top risks concerning treasurers. Results also determines how organizations are looking to manage and plan for unforeseen risks and gauge their preparedness to manage future risks.


2021 AFP xP&A Survey

Underwritten by Jedox
The 2021 AFP xP&A Survey examines how far along organizations’ finance functions have progressed on their journey to unify and automate their business planning and forecasting. The responses of 300 FP&A professionals form the basis of this report.


2020 AFP FP&A Survey: The Technology and Data Platform Supporting Finance Decisions

Underwritten by Workday
The 2020 AFP FP&A Survey examines FP&A’s tools available to finance professionals to assist them in examining and interpreting data. Additionally, the findings will help them in benchmarking their capabilities  and setting goals for their growth.


2020 AFP COVID-19 Survey: FP&A

The AFP COVID-19 Survey: FP&A examines the impact of the pandemic on FP&A teams and their responses to the crisis. Responses from over 600 FP&A professionals form the basis of this report.


2020 AFP COVID-19 Survey: Treasury

Underwritten by BMO
The AFP Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Survey examines the actions organizations’ treasury departments are taking in response to the pandemic, whether organizations have a business continuity plan in place, and if treasury teams are being included in meetings on COVID-19. Responses from nearly 500 treasury professionals form the basis of this report.


2020 AFP FP&A Survey: Project Investment and Cost of Capital Survey

The 2020 AFP Project Investment and Cost of Capital Survey focuses on the process of project decision-making and how FP&A departments guide their businesses through the process. Over 600 corporate practitioner member responses form the basis of this report.


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Preparing for the Next Level of Financial Planning & Analysis

The AFP & APQC Survey: Preparing for the Next Level of Financial Planning & Analysis provides insights into the current techniques and tools, used by organizations for FP&A function, and the associated skills required of today's FP&A professionals. Responses from over 400 survey participants form the basis of this report. 


2018 AFP Technology Survey

Underwritten by BELLIN
AFP’s 2018 Technology Survey examines the landscape of emerging technologies and their current and anticipated impact within treasury & finance functions at organizations. The survey also examines roadblocks to implementation of emerging technologies and concerns that may arise.

AFP Data Intelligence Survey

Underwritten by Capital One Bank
The recent interest surrounding data intelligence cannot be ignored - the wealth of available data, immense computing power and strong analytical capabilities drive organization decision making that supports product development and customer satisfaction and contributes to growth.